Hello ! My name is Claude. I love spanking and I’ve been lucky enough to practice it many times.

I adore the female body and what could be better than to see a nice round bottom, bared to receive a good spanking ? That’s without going into the dominant/submissive side of it all, which in itself can be a real turn-on. I’m also into stockings and suspenders, corsets and sexy undies in general.

On the other hand, I don’t like brutality and sado-masochistic excesses. I’m totally against corporal punishment in the family and especially if it’s directed at children. I hate paedophiles. However, I’m all for spanking and similar practices, if they are used to add extra spice to a sexual relationship.

I decided to create a site and put together my own collection of photos and stories, so that I could share my passion with you.

Club members have access to a whole series of quality, unedited thousand photos, photo-novels and videos (streaming live and download), documents never published before the arrival of the Web, put together by myself. Members also have access to a literature and stories sections containing original french novels, as well as a whole host of other info (spanking method, …).

Photos are in Jpeg format and movies in download or Real streaming in 324 x 260 or 640 x 480.

You can contact another spanking adult fan with our international small ads system.

All this thanks to a personal identifier, sent to you by E-mail.

Please feel free to step inside, become a member and discover some new and original unedited documents about spanking.

I look forward to welcoming you and hope you have a great time here in Club Fessee.

Best regards.